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Data is becoming one of the most important corporate assets that can help drive revenue.  Many businesses around the world rely on data to effectively target consumers with goods and services that provide better experiences. On the other hand, organizations under-perform because they fail to manage their data properly.

Keeping your data protected, available and manageable is not only critical for your daily operations, but your overall business success. With our Data Management and Analytics Solutions, we help you to solving the complex problem impeding Digital Transformation.


To combat today’s data deluge, organizations must proactively address long-term information management to help reduce IT costs and business risk or exposure. With over 10 years’ specialization on Enterprise Archiving and E-discovery, we offer comprehensive solution for unstructured data Archiving, Migration and E-discovery. Our solution caters different data source in email (O365, Exchange, Domino), file shares, Instant Messaging, Social Media, in one single console and E-discovery interface.


Data protection has become increasingly difficult as data has fragmented across different locations, platforms, and applications. We offer market leading’s backup and recovery solution across virtual, physical and multi-cloud environments to protect corporate Data assets and address multi cloud and locations challenge in data protection.


Meeting uptime service level objectives across on-premise and multi-cloud can be complicated and costly. We offer solution to improve application resiliency across the on-premise and multi-cloud by orchestrating fast, one-click recoveries in the event of disasters or site emergencies and provides an easy way to rehearse recovery scenarios without disrupting your production environment.


You may question about whether you data is protected appropriately, whether it can or should be deleted, and whether they’re missing cheaper storage opportunities. The first step in managing data is to understand it better. We offer solutions to help you address these challenges with complete picture of your data across clouds and your on-premises environment.


The world of business analytics is changing. Your organization is tapping into new data sources like machine data and combining them with structured data to provide valuable business insights in real time. We offer complements existing BI technologies and traditional web analytics tools by combining machine data with structured data to deliver real-time insights into your business.


Simply put, backup is having a reliable copy of important files held somewhere safe. This can be locally, remotely or both. We work with innovative partners to provide tailored backup solutions to simplify management and increase performance for your business.


An ideal storage system must support the required protocols, meet performance requirements, and provide the flexibility to cost effectively meet increasing storage demands.  We help you to select the ideal storage system to meet your business needs.

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