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Enhancing Forcepoint DLP

Enhancing Forcepoint DLP with
Boldon James Data Classification

In any data protection strategy, content scanning capabilities are critical to reducing the likelihood of a data loss incident and maintaining regulatory compliance. Harnessed through a data loss prevention solution, content scanning has the greatest impact when combined with predictable, meaningful metadata that provide classification and labeling of unstructured data.

Integrated with Boldon James Classifier, Forcepoint Data Loss Prevention (DLP) combines user-driven and automated classification with powerful data protection and governance capabilities to streamline data handling and enables deeper visibility and control of critical data.

Data Classification Driven by the User


Engaging users to identify the context and content of unstructured data is instrumental to uncovering its true business value and in gaining a more holistic view of the data in your organization. Plugging directly into productivity tools, Boldon James Classifier intelligently guides users to classify unstructured data with appropriate business labels in a language that users understand, then applies pre-formatted visual and metadata markings to messages and documents. Classification tools with the right blend of automated and userapplied classification support can significantly increase end-user awareness when handling data. Boldon James Classifier makes it easy to apply labels, with ongoing coaching to ensure business processes for data handling are adhered to while ensuring metadata is consistently applied to documents. The end result is enhanced user engagement and accountability, improved security awareness, and a reduction of data security risk across your organization. 


Automating Your Data Protection


Due to the dynamic nature of data and growing volume of digital documents, relying solely on knowledge workers to carry the burden of data handling practices may not be realistic or sufficient. Combined with automation, Forcepoint DLP’s advanced detection technologies (e.g., optical character recognition, fingerprinting) identify critical data as it moves throughout your organization and triggers an action when data is at risk. For example, let’s assume a user accesses a “Highly Confidential” document. The user copies/pastes a paragraph of text into a new Word document and attempts to save it to a USB storage device. With Forcepoint DLP, an alert is triggered and a “Highly Confidential” label is automatically applied to the newly created document. This automated response reduces the risk of human error to ensure critical data is protected without obstructing user productivity.

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