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Are you ready to accelerate your cloud journey?

Amidas is a Microsoft Gold Partner who allies with Microsoft to provide a set of Microsoft funded workshops enabling you to accelerate your cloud journey, including rapid deployment programs to achieve business continuity. Leveraging these accelerator workshops enable you to envision possibilities, helping you to more efficiently realize opportunities to boost productivity and collaboration across your workforce.

No matter where you are in your journey to cloud, join these workshops to learn how Microsoft technologies could streamline your workflows, with enterprise-grade security and compliance. 

Cloud Accelerator workshops can be run for customers and partners world wide, Amidas has specifically been chosen to run these workshops for select customers in Hong Kong, all sponsored by Microsoft! Check below available workshops offer by Amidas.

Microsoft Cloud Accelerator Workshops


The Discover Sensitive Data Workshop is designed to provide customers with examples of privacy and regulatory risks in the organizational data contained within their own Modern Work environments. The workshop helps you create compelling ways for customers to remediate the risks through Microsoft 365 E5-associated technologies.

Workshop topics include:

  • Uncovering data risks in the customer environment

  • Building customer confidence and mitigating risk through data-driven analytics and visualization

  • Identifying compliance solutions in Microsoft 365 that reduce privacy and regulatory risks and help meet compliance expectations

  • Developing customer recognition of Microsoft 365 E5 value



The Threat Protection Workshop is designed to create customer intent for purchasing and/or deploying advanced Microsoft Security products. The workshop is expected to require about a three-day partner effort.

Topics include:

  • Understanding customers’ security goals and objectives

  • Identifying security threats using a Microsoft 365 E5 trial

  • Providing an overview of the Microsoft Security end-to-end story

  • Showcasing product capabilities through newly designed rich demos

  • Developing joint plans and recommending next steps

threat protection workshop thumbnail.png


The Microsoft Securing Identities Workshop is designed to help customers assess the maturity of their identity estates. By using Secure Score and application discovery tools, you can help your customers gain visibility into their current identity estates, and work together with your customers to define clear next steps and the best ways to mitigate risks.

Workshop deliverables include:

  • Customer identity security posture rating, including how customers compare to their industry peers

  • Visibility into all apps used in their environments and how to enhance access and security

  • Clear understanding of situations where identity might be compromised and remediation steps

  • Actionable recommendations and next steps for improved migration and governance

  • (Optional) A view on their path to passwordless authentication

  • (Optional) How to enhance Conditional Access with endpoint compliance

Securing Identities Workshop Thumbnail.png


The Manage and Investigate Risk Workshop is designed to provide customers with examples of potential data leaks and data theft within their Modern Work environments. Through this workshop, you can help your customers identify deviations from common corporate policies using Microsoft 365 E5-associated technologies.

With the Manage and Investigate Risk Workshop, you can:

  • Uncover risky user activities in the customer environment

  • Discover privacy, policy, and regulatory risks, by evaluating user communication inside the organization

  • Help customers to better understand, prioritize, and mitigate the identified privacy and regulatory risks

  • Develop customer confidence in the value of Microsoft 365 E5

manage and investigate risk thumbnail.png


Ninety-five percent of organizations allow personal devices in the workplace1 while 70 million smartphones are lost every year2. The Endpoint Management Workshop is a three-day engagement that will help you showcase the value of Microsoft 365, leading with Microsoft Endpoint Manager to show your customers how to manage users’ devices, apps, and identities from anywhere.

Workshop deliverables include:

  • Educating customers about how they can improve their current endpoint and device management practices using Microsoft Endpoint Manager

  • Demonstrating how you can discover existing endpoints using their tenant capabilities, and protecting them from threats

  • Securing customers’ identities with easy-to-use multifactor authentication and automatic, risk-based conditional access from any device

  • Enabling users to be productive by giving them access to the apps they need on whichever device they want to use

endpoint management workshop thumbnail.png


The Azure Sentinel Workshop is designed to create customer intent for deploying and adopting Azure Sentinel. The workshop is expected to require about a two-day partner effort.

Workshop topics include:

  • Showcasing the Azure Sentinel experience

  • Identifying active threats across identity, email, and data, both on-premises and cloud environments

  • Demonstrating automated response to threats

  • Gathering the information you need to build a business case for a production deployment of Azure Sentinel

Azure Sentinel Workshop thumbnail.png


The Hybrid Cloud Security Workshop is designed to create customer intent for purchasing and adopting Azure Defender, Azure Security Center, and Microsoft network security products. The workshop is expected to take about a three-day partner effort.

Workshop topics include:

  • Using Azure Defender to identify active threats on targeted hybrid workloads

  • Demonstrating investigation and response to threats

  • Discovering vulnerabilities on existing hybrid workloads and explaining how to reduce attack surface area

  • Providing guidance for production implementation of Azure Security Center, including Azure Defender

  • Providing hands-on experience of Azure Network Security product features using a demonstration environment

Hybrid Cloud Security Workshop thumbnail.png

Expression of Interest

The above Workshops are available now and we have a Team of Microsoft Specialists ready to deliver them when it works for you. Complete the form and we’ll get back to you to look at the options available to you. Alternatively, simply send us a Whatsapp message and let us know you're interested.

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Amidas is a Gold Partner of Microsoft

Amidas is a Microsoft Gold Partner who is committed to earning the highest level of company customer care and collaborative relationship with Microsoft. By achieving this Microsoft Gold Partner Certification, Amidas is committed to excellence in evolving Microsoft technologies and maximising the benefits that clients receive by expertly implementing Microsoft solutions.

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