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Watch Replay - Citrix x Amidas Webinar: Enable a Secure Hybrid Work to Win in 2022

If 2020 was about survival in the pandemic remote-work pressure, 2021 has been defined by defining and adopting “New Normal”. The inescapable idea in this New Normal is “hybrid work,” which will have staying power in 2022 and beyond.

Hybrid work is a trend organizations across the world are adopting since the emergence of COVID-19. Flexible models and workforce strategies have opened the door to greater innovation and business growth, and companies that embrace them can rise above the compromises and thrive in 2022 and beyond. Business leaders across industries are using the lessons learned and investments made during the pandemic to advance digital initiatives, enhance customer engagement, and attract and retain hard-to-find talent through more flexible work models.

Join us for a 60-min webinar with Citrix, the world’s leading Digital Workspace provider, on 23 March (Wed), to share the latest insights and hot news on what’s next for Citrix Secure Distributed Work Solutions as we head towards a new phase of delivering a secure digital workspace for hybrid work. You will learn the following during the event:

Only Citrix

  • Provides secure access to native, web, and SaaS applications as part of a digital workspace.

  • Provides zero-trust access to both virtualized and non-virtualized applications in a complete digital workspace.

  • Can deliver VDI on-prem, Hybrid DaaS, and fully managed DaaS.

  • … and only Citrix can improve both SECURITY and user EXPERIENCE at the same time!

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