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Work From Home Solution

Is your business Coronavirus (COVID-19) Ready?

The COVID-19 pandemic has bought global health crisis and shocked businesses. Many of them are temporarily closing offices and require staff to work from home. Putting in place a productive and secure remote working solution is the biggest challenge businesses are facing currently. Is your business ready to offer staff to work from home securely?


For some businesses, allowing employees to work from home simply allows them to bring their laptops home. However, for some businesses which require corporate compliance may mean the hardware or data on a employee’s desktop cannot leave the company premises. Which mean a secure and sophisticated Virtual Desktop Infrastructure (VDI) is needed for these businesses.

With over 15 year of desktop virtualization experience, Amidas solution consultants can help get you there.

VMware Horizon

Deploy fully functional Work from Home Solution in 2 weeks with VMware Horizon

During the outbreak of COVID-19, many businesses are looking to deploy a Work from Home solution as quickly as it can be. VMware Horizon allows VDI to be setup as fast as 2 weeks*. Giving IT admins a fast, easy, scalable virtual desktop platform can help save time in their busy days while minimizing potential wait time for VDI users. With more availability, your IT admins can focus on troubleshooting user issues, or they can work to improve your organization’s datacenter by devoting time to larger initiatives.




Reliability and Security

Desktops and applications can be centralized by integrating with VMware vSphere® and virtualizing server, storage, and networking resources



Provisioning desktops and applications for end users is a quick process. No one is required to install applications one by one on each end user's physical PC.



Unified management console is built for scalability so that even the largest Horizon 7 deployments can be efficiently managed from a single management interface


Hardware Independence

Remote desktops and applications are hardware-independent. 

Special Offer until 30 June 2020 

In midst of the current Covid-19 outbreak, Amidas is helping Businesses to get on board in offering a secure Work From Home solution quickly, with an affordable price. 


90 Days, 100 Users, FREE TRIAL on VMware Horizon 7

To assist customers with their business continuity needs, VMware is expanding free trials of Horizon 7, which include deployment options for Horizon 7 on-premises and Horizon 7 on VMware Cloud on AWS. From now until December 20, 2020, Customers who register for a free trial will be entitled to trial the Horizon 7 offering for up to 90 days and up to 100 users at no charge.

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Amidas is a VMware Premier Solution Provider

We help customers to design and implement the best VMware Solutions to suit their business environment.  

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