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Zero Trust Network Access: Email & Web Security

The technological world is full of dangers around every virtual corner, with hackers and bots trying to steal your information or infect massive computer servers via email and web applications.

Email & Web Security

The Zero Trust Network Access model can help protect your organisation from cyber threats. The model assumes every device and user is untrusted until they are fully authenticated and validated.


This approach requires implementing additional layers of security. These layers help prevent cyberattacks like phishing attacks, where an attacker uses fake web pages or email messages to trick users into giving away sensitive information.


With Amidas’s tech experts, you will never have to worry about a cyber threat at your business. We can provide phishing awareness training to protect your business from within.

Why is Email & Web Security Important?

Cybercriminals have long favoured breaching company networks via email and the web.

Phishing attacks are a common threat for most companies. Here, A scammer poses as an employee to trick another person into turning over their credentials. They then use those credentials to access the network and steal information such as financial records or intellectual property (IP).


The use of email in the workplace is so common that many employees will not be aware of a phishing attack. They will simply treat the phishing email as a regular email. Skilled cybercriminals can send thousands of phishing emails during an attack.


With such volume, it will only take one unknowing employee to provide damaging access to your technical infrastructure. Your technical infrastructure keeps your business running and damage to that will wreak havoc. Having top-notch email and web security is crucial to ensure ongoing business operations.

How Amidas Can Help

A pioneer in accelerating digital transformation in the workplace, Amidas believes in the power of technology in boosting your company’s productivity and work efficiency. As such, we act as a trusted solution advisor and personalise a perfect mix of software to cater to clients’ business needs. Amidas’s team consists of more than 25 Consultants, Engineers and Solution-oriented Professionals, all with extensive experience in the industry.


Zscaler Secure Web Gateway

Zscaler Secure Web Gateway (SWG) offers zero trust security for users on the web and in SaaS with a full range of AI-powered security services and holistic SWG capabilities.


Benefits of Zscaler:


  • Purpose-built for zero trust and cloud

  • Dynamic risk-based policy

  • AI powered


There is never any hardware to deploy or user experience concerns to worry about with Zscaler because it is an AI-powered SWG that offers always-on online security in a high-performance SaaS solution.



  • Registered Partner


Cisco Email Security

In order to safeguard sensitive information and safeguard outgoing email, Cisco Email Security features strong data loss prevention and content encryption capabilities. This keeps your data secure and aids in your compliance with governmental and industry regulations.


Benefits of Cisco Email Security:


  • Real-time threat intelligence

  • Beyond point-in-time protection

  • Enhanced Microsoft 365 email security


Cybercriminals are aware that workers can be taken advantage of. You have a strong layer of protection from ransomware, business email compromise, phishing, and other threats with

Cisco Email Security.

  • Cisco Technology Excellence of HK 2022 – Security​

  • Greater China Technology Excellence 2021- Security

Get in touch with the Amidas experts to ensure top-of-the-line zero trust execution.

A trusted solutions advisor in Hong Kong, Amidas is always striving for the best and empowering our customers with the latest technological innovation, in-depth industry experience and knowledge. If you are interested in understanding more about the email security solutions that we provide or other services available, reach out to us anytime by phone, email or via our social media channels - our professional team of engineers, consultants and solution-oriented sales leaders are always ready to help.

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