Microsoft Defender

Microsoft Defender is an all-in-one, extended suite of security solutions for Windows, combining two security stacks: Microsoft 365 Defender and Azure Defender which are made up of different Microsoft products.

What is Endpoint Protection Platform (EPP)?

An endpoint protection platform (EPP) is an integrated suite of endpoint security solutions for malware protection. An effective EPP detects and blocks malicious activity to safeguard the device from vital security threats. Along with its investigation and remediation capability, EPP is effective protection that stops an array of cyberattacks at the endpoint.

What is
Microsoft Defender?

Microsoft 365 Defender is a great solution for organisations looking to protect their data with a cloud-based authentication solution with a multi-factor authentication service that prevents malicious attacks, phishing attempts, and more.

It also supports mobile applications like Duo Mobile and Authenticator, as well as traditional passwords, making it easy for users to sign into various devices and apps securely.

The Microsoft 365 Defender is comprised of 5 services:

  • Microsoft Defender for Endpoint
  • Microsoft Defender Vulnerability Management
  • Microsoft Defender for Office 365
  • Microsoft Defender for Identity
  • Microsoft Defender for Cloud Apps

For organisations that wish to stay away from security risks and harmful activities, Microsoft Defender for Endpoint and Microsoft Defender for Office 365 are both essential components in your protection layers.

Microsoft Defender for Endpoint

Manufactured by one of the industry’s biggest names, Microsoft Windows Defender for Endpoint is an easy-to-use online security protection software to defend enterprises against advanced cyber threats. It provides a lightweight, zero-touch endpoint security solution that is easy to deploy and manage. It protects against malware and ransomware attacks and can help reduce the risk of data breaches.

Microsoft Defender for Endpoint comes with 3 major features

  • Endpoint behavioural sensors: collect and process behavioural signals from the operating system and send this data back to the defender.
  • Cloud security analytics: translates behavioural signals into insights, detections, and recommended responses to potential threats.
  • Threat intelligence: identify attacker tools, techniques, and procedures, and generate alerts when they are found in collected data.

Amidas offers a certified integration with Microsoft Defender for Endpoint to provide two-factor authentication via Duo Security’s cloud-based MFA platform (meaning no on-premises software or hardware is needed).

Microsoft Defender for Office 365

Microsoft Defender for Office 365 is a cloud-based solution that provides a single pane of glass for protection across Office 365. It protects from phishing, malware, spam, and email-based attacks.

Microsoft Defender for Office 365 is designed to help you protect your organisation from the latest threats more easily than ever before by using machine learning and behaviour analytics to uncover suspicious activity on mailboxes and discover potential breaches.

Microsoft Defender for Office 365 protects against malware and advanced threats in email messages and files attached to emails. This service also protects users from malicious links in messages and attachments by using digital signatures to verify content integrity when accessing files received through Outlook Web Access (OWA) or SharePoint Online.


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