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Microsoft Sentinel

Through the collection and analysis of near real-time and historical security event logs, security information and event management (SIEM) technology empower threat detection and prevention. By filtering and scanning through a mass amount of activity, organisations can easily draw actionable insights, manage alerts and prioritise potential risks.

Network Detection and Response (NDR)

As an essential part of SIEM strategy, Network Detection and Response (NDR) is an integrated solution that provides the ability to detect and respond to threats on your network by analysing network behaviours.


You can use NDR to detect advanced persistent threats (APTs), such as Malware-based attacks, including ransomware and data-stealing malware. Exploit-based attacks, including zero-day exploits and Protocol abuse attacks, such as SMB relay attacks/ransomware/client-side exploits.


To get started with threat hunting, you can install Microsoft (Azure) Sentinel on your endpoints (e.g., laptops) or in the cloud at your chosen location. Configure Microsoft (Azure) Sentinel to monitor all traffic from that endpoint or location via Microsoft Defender ATP (Advanced Threat Protection).


How Amidas Can Help

As a Microsoft Gold Partner, Amidas team’s expertise in IT solutions is recognised. You can rest easy knowing that Amidas is on hand to offer top-quality security solutions. If necessary, we will also provide ongoing support for your security strategy to ensure that you meet compliance requirements without having your network compromised in the future.


For clients seeking professional guidance, we can design a personalised solution specifically tackling the challenges that your organisation is facing. If you are looking for a reliable solution provider in town, do not hesitate and reach out to us in regards to anything you need to encourage digital transformation in your organisation.


Microsoft Sentinel (Azure Sentinel) Solution

Azure Sentinel, a cloud-native SIEM solution by Microsoft, gives you a one-stop view across the enterprise and organisation. Bringing cloud intelligence and A.I technology together, Azure Sentinel is an all-around SIEM solution with powerful threat or network detection and response capabilities that scale to meet your organisational needs on cloud with limitless opportunities. With Microsoft Azure Sentinel, you can keep track of the entire organisation’s security analytics at ease with optimal threat intelligence and all-encompassing visibility.


The capabilities of Microsoft (Azure) Sentinel spread across:


  • Collection of data at cloud scale—across all users, devices, applications, and infrastructure, both on-premises and in multiple clouds

  • Detect unknown threats and lower rates of false positives leveraging analytics and Microsoft’s threat intelligence technology

  • Practice threat hunting

  • Respond in time to incidents with built-in network detection and response tools


As a cloud-native SIEM solution, Microsoft Sentinel is 48% less expensive if you are conscious of operation cost and 67%faster to deploy than legacy on-premises SIEM solutions.

Get in touch with the Amidas experts to empower endpoint security

at your organisation today.

A trusted solutions advisor in Hong Kong, Amidas is always striving for the best and empowering our customers with the latest technological innovation, in-depth industry experience and knowledge. If you are interested in understanding more about the Microsoft Sentinel solution that we provide or other services available, reach out to us anytime by phone, email or via our social media channels - our professional team of engineers, consultants and solution-oriented sales leaders are always ready to help.

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