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Quest x Amidas: Connect Users and Resource Security Solutions Quest x Amidas 連接用戶及資源安全方案

More than 90% of companies in the market use Microsoft Active Directory to help simplify network management procedures, but other tools are needed to prevent hackers from obtaining domain administrator credentials and improve security. If you want a solution covering backup, ransomware, etc., watch the video above, to understand how Quest helps customers in the above aspects.

市場上有超過90%公司都採用Microsoft Active Directory,幫助簡化網絡管理程序,不過需要其他工具配合,以預防黑客取得域管理員憑證,提高安全度。想有個涵蓋備份、Ransomware等範疇的方案,立即觀看影片 ╴了解Quest如何在以上方面幫助到客戶。


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