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Amidas x Mimecast Webinar: Guard Your Organisation and Employees with DMARC

STOP spoofing attacks FASTER with self-service email channel analysis and DMARC reporting. DMARC benefits businesses by providing another layer of protection that guards against attacks like impersonation fraud, where an attacker uses a legitimate domain to send a fraudulent message.

DMARC email security protocols can help to prevent this specific type of attacks. Join Mimecast and Amidas on a 60min webinar to learn more about the benefits of DMARC and its ability to protect against spoofing!

  • How does DMARC email security work?

  • In what ways does DMARC benefit and protect enterprises and organisations and its employees by mitigating the impact and risks of spoofing?


Contact our consultants now to learn more.

After the conference, there will also be a chance to get a HK$100 shopping voucher*.

*The offer is only valid after the demonstration is completed and confirmed by Amidas as an eligible customer. Amidas reserves the right to the final decision.

For enquiries, please get in touch with Amidas Hong Kong at:

Phone: 2168 0388

Whatsapp: 98283401


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