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Nutanix x Citrix Webinar: The Next Phase in Powering Secure, Hybrid Work

Nutanix + Citrix

Nutanix + Citrix enables true hybrid and multicloud. Deliver secure, on-demand, and elastic access to virtual apps, desktops, and data for your remote workers from any device, in any location, at any scale.

Citrix and Nutanix have enjoyed a long-standing partnership spanning over a decade. From the early days, Nutanix’s approach of consolidation and simplification aligned well to running Citrix VDI environments efficiently and at scale.

Today, Citrix Cloud services on Nutanix unlocks the possibility of true hybrid and multi-cloud use cases. It starts with Citrix Cloud as the management plane for the Citrix Virtual Apps and Desktops service, Citrix Gateway service, insights with Citrix Analytics, and other services. Nutanix provides the underlying hosting and orchestration fabrics for the workloads. The flexibility to shift workloads among public and private clouds, coupled with linear scalability, gives customers the predictability and confidence they need to succeed in this highly unpredictable economic climate.

What You Can Expect With Nutanix + Citrix:

  • Full Prism integration for combined services, 1-Click deployment

  • VM-level performance statistics for AHV: VM IOPS, VM I/O Bandwidth, VM Average I/O Latency

  • Configure and manage deployments. Create machine catalogs using a snapshot from master image on Nutanix

For enquiries, please contact Amidas Hong Kong at:

Phone: 2168 0388

Whatsapp: 98283401


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