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Pure Storage x Veeam Webinar: A lack of resources is never a problem!

Webinar Topic: Exploring how Pure Storage x Veeam provide effortless Hybrid Cloud solution to ease your operation challenge

Lack of resources is always a big topic for most companies no matter staffing, budget, space, and time. Organizations need to think creatively to address such challenges to maintain competitiveness. Moving to the cloud or forming a hybrid cloud is one of the ways to benefit organizations: improve flexibility, operation efficiency, business agility and scalability.

Join us to learn more about how integrated solutions from Veeam and Pure Storage help customers meet the needs of today’s resource challenges, applications needs and the data-driven world.

What to learn:

  • How Pure simplifies the multi-cloud journey, modernises your private cloud and builds seamless multi-cloud mobility with flexible, effortless, cost-effective storage

  • Stop the legacy mindset with Pure’s Subscription model to breakthrough business operation challenges, delivers truly IT agility, enabling you to scale seamlessly and non-disruptively

  • How Veeam Kasten protect your K8S applications across any platforms

  • Veeam is a single data protection platform to own, control, and protect all your data anywhere in the hybrid cloud

  • The best practices for your data protection strategy to prepare against the ransomware attack


For enquiries, please contact Amidas Hong Kong at:

Phone: 2168 0388

Whatsapp: 98283401

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