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Watch Replay - Protect Your Digital Asset by Cloud-native Solution

A rise in remote employees and an increased reliance on SaaS applications create new, wider gaps in security. How to secure access to applications for an increasingly distributed workforce — without taking on more complexity?

Cisco Secure Access Services Edge or SASE combines networking and security solutions in the cloud in one easy package to give your users the best and most secure experience wherever their work takes them.

Join us to learn how Cisco SASE solution can help you cut complexity, reduce risk exposure, and improve performance with a single cloud-delivered service that deploys easily and scales with your business.

What you will learn how to:

  • Deliver secure access anywhere, anytime

  • Move access control to the edge

  • Gain efficiencies with an as-a-service model

  • Make your business more agile

For enquiries, please contact Amidas Hong Kong at:

Phone: 2168 0388

Whatsapp: 98283401


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