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Webinar: Advanced Secure Workspace for Modern Workforce

As virtual desktop infrastructure (VDI) has become more prevalent due to the emergence of hybrid working model, it has produced new burdens on the company’s IT infrastructures, networks and aroused security concerns. Technical leaders no longer look for solution that does only one thing, they are looking solution to deliver a secure, flexible, and scalable digital workspace that supports secure access to mission critical apps and data

The new VMware Advanced Secure Workspace is a total solution that offers sophisticated and secured workspace which drastically improves experiences, simplifies tools, and provides the most advanced endpoint security, that were previously costly and time consuming. Breaking down traditional silos between technologies and enable a totally mobile workforce.

In this webinar, you will learn:

  • End-to-end secure workspace for delivery of virtual desktop and applications

  • Enterprise grade load balancer with pinpoint analytics to simply troubleshooting

  • Secure east-west traffic within data center to reduce the risk for desktop-to-desktop/server hacking and unusual user behaviors

  • Built in security solution for endpoint protection

  • Unified view for Horizon Infrastructure components

For enquiry, please contact Amidas Sales Hotline 2168-0388, or email to

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