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Live Webinar: Simplifying and Accelerating Cloud Transformation with Citrix Cloud and WVD

As the pandemic has caused a high disruption to many businesses, many enterprises are now focusing on preparing a workplace that allows employees to work effectively remotely. Workplace preparedness during COVID-19 requires employers to deploy strategies in managing large remote workforces for the new normal. Amidas has been at the front line of these accelerated transitions, and we are helping our customers rapidly and securely scale thousands of remote workers. In this webinar, we have invited representatives from Citrix and Microsoft to share how to leverage Citrix cloud with Windows Virtual Desktop to enable a modern, hybrid cloud strategy for virtual desktops and apps.

What you will learn from this webinar:

  • Secure remote work for your employees leveraging advanced tooling and analytics.

  • Hybrid cloud support to maximize existing investments on-premises.

  • Robust management functionality to help you scale your deployment on Azure.

  • Optimized end user experience with HDX technology.

For enquiry, please contact Amidas Sales Hotline at 2168-0388, or email to

*E-Coupon is available for first 40 participants who completes the survey, subject to final approval of Amidas Hong Kong Ltd.

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