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Webinar: Next-Gen Remote Access under the New Normal

22-09-2020, 3pm - 4:15pm (HKT)

COVID-19 has proven to be a disruptive event of historic proportions. Most enterprises are now starting to plan with the idea that managing large remote workforces will be the new normal long after the effects of the virus abate. Amidas has been at the front line of these accelerated transitions, and we are helping our customers rapidly and securely scale thousands of remote workers. In this webinar, we have invited Citrix, Illumio and Nutanix to share how the “Next-Gen Remote Access” facilitates employee productivity, keeps business data and intellectual property secure, and allows IT departments to be agile enough to seize opportunities. You will learn about:

  • Next New Normal for Remote Workspace

  • Rapid deployment using Citrix Cloud

  • Provides scale-as-you-grow architecture with the cloud simplicity of Citrix Virtual Apps and Desktops Service

  • Simplify ongoing operation with Nutanix native file service and intelligent IT operation

  • Eliminate the risk of unauthorized access

Avoid the complexity of relying on infrastructure – Security control seamlessly

For enquiry, please contact Amidas Sales Hotline at 2168-0388, or email to 

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