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Webinar: Secure your remote workforce during Work-From-Home

Cyber attacks are on the rise, especially during the global pandemic, where the new norm of Work-From-Home practice exposes many loopholes on a company’s IT environment. As seen from recent IT incidents happened across the world, hackers target and take down your Active Directory to compromise your entire network and business activities. As we all know, your Windows environment and relevant applications all rely on AD, once AD are being maliciously attacked, you are doomed to spend much time and effort restoring it. To stay truly cyber security resilient, you have to take a proactive approach to monitor and log any unauthorized or abnormal changes made towards your Windows environment, including AD, Windows Server, Exchange and O365 attributes. At the same time, you are to be alerted and make necessary response to ensure your environment is still safe. Notwithstanding this, it is essential to perform session-recording for critical or highly sensitive tasks where you could control and perform search later on to keep track of privileged users activities. Employees are connecting their devices remotely…

  • Are you able to identify suspicious logon/logoff from the surge of endpoint connections?

  • How can you monitor and audit each remote workstation?

  • Do you want to detect and be alerted with real-time security threats to respond immediately?

  • Thinking of recording session activity – down to keystroke, mouse movement, and windows viewed, control or block where necessary?

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